News this week

News this week

Prepare to feel sick to thy stomach.

First of all, you have to read about the horse meat in BK burgers in the UK, among other really, really gross (really worse!) ingredients. Still with me?

My state, Missouri, is considering some legislation that would require gun classes for first graders. First graders! We have a gun safety course combined with other outdoor lessons in some of our high schools called Outdoor Ed. It’s a gym elective, and everyone wants it because you don’t have to “dress out,” which is one of the most barbaric practices ever started in high schools anyway.

But it’s not for first graders, and it’s not even mandatory. This class would be, and it’s created by—you guessed it—the NRA. How did those gun lovers get to be so powerful anyway? This is so creepy, y’all. You might want to think about homeschooling—for this and many other reasons.

A 15-year-old band student who played during Obama’s inauguration was shot and killed near her school by gang members. Hadiya Pendleton herself wasn’t a gang member; she was a friendly and beloved member of the community. Do we really need much more evidence about how much our country suffers at the hands of gun violence? Does that fact that in only a month after Newtown, we still had over 600 people in our country killed by guns? How about this? Or this? Or a mom losing all four of her kids to gun violence?

On the slightly brighter side, here’s a piece from The Nation about how to end rape culture. Now the only hard part is getting it in legislation, eh, folks? That’s going to be hard to do when even Wikipedia calls rape culture a disputed theory. Whatever.

Did you hear about how some kids in a public school were shown a video of “ex-gay rehabilitation” as part of a state-approved health class curriculum? Thank goodness it’s since been pulled, but the fact remains that this video probably caused some damage to all of the kids who saw it—and made life harder for any gay kids in the school.

Speaking of garbage, check out what this Fox News idjut has to say about how women used to have it better than men before feminism because chivalry and chauvinism and misogyny in general are like soooo sexy. Head-desk.

And finally, dog owners in England must microchip their pooches by 2016 by law, which I think is probably a very good law that we could use here across the pond, too.