March 2009

Seattle PI: Another One Bites the Dust

After 146 years in print, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has officially ceased producing hard copy periodicals. The March 17th 2009 issue of the P.I. marks the end of an economically troubled period in the publication's history. The Post-Intelligencer began in 1863 as the Seattle Gazette. After a rocky start and an initial failure, the paper came under new ownership as the Weekly Intelligencer. By the 1880's the W.I. merged with the Seattle Post to become the Post-Intelligencer. In the 1920's, William Randolph Hearst's news giant, the Hearst Corporation, took over the P.I. and it has run it ever since. HC's ownership lent the previously liberal paper a decidedly conservative voice, even going so far as to frustrate the Roosevelt family's ties to its editorial staff in the 1940's.