June 2009

Never Cared for the Paper

Recently everyone is talking about the death of newspapers.  Many people seem sad about this, but I honestly couldn't care less if newspapers die.  I believe newspapers have been pointless for the past decade.  The sooner they go, the better.  In fact, if I was to never see another newspaper again, I would not have any regrets.  

Newspaper Ad Sales Continue to Plummet

According to the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper ads have taken a huge dive in the first quarter of 2009—a whopping 30% decline compared with last year’s sales.

But online revenue has also fallen—though a less dramatic cut at 13.4%. In fact, online news sales are even being compared to airlines in their price discrimination.

In both print and online media, the biggest drop was in classified sales, an area that has seen a 42.3% cut. And who can blame people for not buying ads these days when there’s Craigslist and other free ad hosting services available?

Media analyst jack Myers says that this is just the beginning. He’s predicting another round of losses at 22.5% this year.

The Bright Side of Printicide

Like many people, I think the decline of the newspaper is a slow, agonizing death of something wonderful in this country, something that not only employs many people but also served as our main news source since the invention of the printing press—and serves as the main reading material for so many today.